Faculty who share this facility:  (Note: Any experimental setup should be pre-approved by your faculty advisor to make sure it will not damage the equipment.)

Super Users:  Experimental setup may also be approved by these users.  Each of these users is responsible for a particular set of equipment.  Please notify these users if you are having trouble with the equipment or think it may be broken so they can assist you.  If this equipment needs repair, they should bring that to the attention of the faculty.

Jon Davies  801-581-3811 (work) / (801) 686-8668 (cell)

  • LPKF mill
  • Antenna Measurement system
  • all other equipment

Authorized Users:  (specify what each user is authorized to use and whom their professor is.   A (*)  indicates they are available to teach/help others with that equipment/software.  To be added to this list, or to change what equipment you are authorized to use, contact a professor listed above.

Miguel Rodriguez (Furse) ( (805) 612-0775)

  • Antenna Measurement system (*)
  • LPKF mill
  • All test equipment in MEB2420
  • CST (*)

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